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Wempo Energy drives women-centered, women-led off-grid clean energy solutions. Our social enterprise model leverages the power of women to connect under-electrified communities to renewable energy technologies that enhance lives and livelihoods. We are building a more balanced, inclusive, and efficient energy sector by activating female changemakers in the energy value chain. 

We specialize in equipping community level entrepreneurs to deliver decentralized energy products to meet the personal and business needs of their off-grid consumers, particularly targeting the demand of female end-users in developing communities. Our majority-female workforce holds a distinct advantage in our ability to relate and communicate with this key customer segment. 

Females in the last mile represent a large market share for the energy industry, yet the needs of billions of customers are often overlooked. At Wempo, we see the opportunity in providing women and their communities with technologies that can increase their productivity, health, and well-being. 

By connecting women at the base of the economic pyramid with the tools to build a better life, we cultivate a loyal customer base with increasing demand for more energy throughout their homes and businesses. 

Storefront in Guatemala where solar lamps and other goods are sold
Storefront in Guatemala where solar lamps and other goods are sold

About Us


Your generous investment will fund our mission and support business-for-good.

Financial contribution will go to further market research and enterprise development on the community level in the highlands of Guatemala. Additional funding will provide inventory for local energy entrepreneurs to launch small businesses with clean, high-efficiency energy technologies. 

Wempo is a registered U.S. LLC with a global social mission. Contributions to Wempo LLC are not a tax deductible at this time. 

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Better Earthlings, our U.S.-based program, is a revenue-generating social enterprise with profits going towards Wempo Energy's global mission.