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Better Earthlings Education (BEE) offers personalized guidance creating a more positive impact and sustainable lifestyle that works for you. We connect and educate people looking to adopt manageable changes that promote health and prosperity for clients, their families, and future generations on Earth.  

Our primary focus is on women, who often face different gender-based pressures than men and struggle to slow down to implement better, healthier practices in their day-to-day lives.

Better Earthlings, our U.S.-based program, is a revenue-generating social enterprise with profits going towards Wempo Energy's global mission.  


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First of many section hikes to do the PCT over 12 years. It all begins when we set foot on the path.

photo caption: First of many section hikes to do the PCT over 12 years. It all begins when we set foot on the path.

I am Leah Alexa Hess Victorino: wife, mother, daughter, friend, educator, energy expert, and the list goes on. After founding Wempo Energy to develop women-centered energy access solutions in off-grid, rural parts of the world, I realized how much I had to offer at the intersection of women and energy closer to home in Boise, Idaho. 

I decided to educate people, primarily women and their families, on how to make the most of their energy and impact with Better Earthlings services.   

I founded Better Earthlings Education (BEE) after years of hearing others express that they wanted to "do more" or "be better" about sustainable living, but struggled to move forward in that desire. Friends and colleagues would often comment, "Oh, that's so good of you to ride your bike," or "Look at you, bringing your own container to take home your restaurant leftovers," admiring my efforts in a way that almost implied that they could not do such simple things themselves. 

It hit me so clearly one day that, of course, we all could do more, but it starts with believing you can make a difference. Sometimes it helps to have a friend ask, "Well, why don't you trade one car trip for alternative transportation at least once this week?"   Such questions are enlightening because it is up to each person to answer truthfully for themselves. 

Part of my calling is to share what I've learned, but also to both give and receive the continued support and accountability that sustains our collective "doing better" efforts. BEE allows me to engage in work that creates exponential impact.